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Honored Brands

Fred & Deirdre Schoening were generous enough to use their Brand as our logo. Which is still in use today. Since then, the Ranchers Rodeo decided to honor a local brand every year and these are their stories.


Spearpoint Cattle Company Ltd

In 1901 the Marr brothers, John and Walter came west from Ontario to a homestead south of Pincher Creek. John married Edith Reycraft in 1913. They had four children, the oldest being J.F. (Frank) Marr. He was born in 1915. He grew up to farm the Marr district. While farming the land in the area, Frank unearthed a spearpoint that was left behind by early Natives. He thought that the speasrpoint would be a good design for a cattle brand.

In 1938 the brand was registered and his own cattle ranch was established. In the 1950's land was acquired in the Twin Butte area. The ranching operation moved from Marr Road to the Spread Eagle community. Today Spearpoint Cattle Company is operated by Frank's son Clint, his wife Cindy, and their children Caitlin and Carter.

Windowsash Brand History

The double window pane brand, know as the windowsash brand was registered to Thomas P. Newman of Pincher Creek on December 2, 1889. Thomas Newman came from Manitoba to the Pincher Creek area during 1888 and established a cattle ranch. He retired from ranching during the 1930's and passes on in 1948.

On September 22nd 1947, Tom Newman transferred this brand to Gus Newman who also resided in Pincher Creek. On September 9th, 1953, Mr. Newman sold the brand to John Dale McRae of Pincher Creek. He paid $20 at the age of 24 to purchase. November 26, 2002, Dale transferred the brand to his son, Stewart McRae.

April 15th 2005, Stewart McRae purchased all the remaining windowsash brand positions, right rib, right hip, right shoulder, left hip and left shoulder.

The windowsash brand remains on the McRae ranch wich shares fences lines with the original Newman ranch.



Windswept Ranch

Fred & Deirdre Schoening were generous enough to use their Brand as our logo. Which is still in use today. Since then, the Ranchers Rodeo decided to honor a local brand every year and these are their stories.

The is the brand proudly used by Fred and Deirdre Schoening on Windswept Ranch.

This brand was passed to Fred from his Great Oncle, Albert Schoening who inherited it from his father, Charles Schoening. In 1883 Charles Schoening made his way to Waterton over the pass from Montana in search of land to raises horses. He met Kootenay Brown's wife when he arrived in Waterton. As she had no food he shot some ducks and she prepared a meal. Charles then traveled north toward Pincher Creek. He was very impressed by the stands of timothy along the foothills. His original homestead was three miles south of Pincher Creek.

He settled there to raise horses for the NWMP and over the years a family of five sons. brand was his mark; used on horses and on timber as well as all his blacksmith tools and belongings. The CS brand was registered on May 19th, 1888 and has been continously registered for 128 years.


Jenkins Lazy U

In 1888 Henry Herbert Jenkins (H.H as he was called) came west from Prince Edward Island as a veterinary surgeon with the North West Mounted Police (N.W.M.P).     His father Dr. John Jenkins was a physician who was well known for his love of horses and no doubt it was John who inspired H.H. to begin a horse ranch in southern Alberta upon leaving the N.W.M.P.   It was this same year that H.H. registered the “J” brand which is still in use by his descendents today.

The first Jenkins homestead was located along the Kootenai (now Waterton) River, close to what is now the Waterton Reservoir.    During this time the family primarily raised polo ponies and cavalry mounts which were sold to the N.W.M.P.   In 1909 additional land was purchased further up the Waterton River on the border of what is now Waterton Park.    On this new land the family raised sheep, cattle and horses.

Today the descendents of H.H. Jenkins continue to ranch in the Waterton Park area, with Frank Jenkins, his wife Tracy and three children operating the original homestead as “Jenkins Lazy U Ranch” and Jennifer Jenkins ranching on the land purchased in 1909 as “Jenkins Ranche”.    The Jenkins family also put down roots in Saskatchewan where Peter Jenkins, his wife Jill and their two boys ranch near Glentworth.  

Robbins Ranch

The Robbins Ranch has roots dating back to the early 1900's. In 1903 Fred Robbins, Alvin's grandfather, started a livery business in Pincher Creek. He later sold that business and then established another livery stable at Pincher Station, mostly with farming and horses, and then diversified into cattle.Alvin continued to operate the commercial cattle ranch and in 1985 started his purebred herd: A & L Robbins Ranching Ltd, 2 different brands within their herd.

The (D over 2) on the left rib was the original brand of Gerald Robbins, dating back to the 1940's when Gerald started raising cattle. The Robbin's used this brand primarily until 2002. Brand rules had changed, allowing ranchers to register previously registered single character brands.

Alvin registered the (reverse rocking chair) brand at this time. The brand dates back to 1903 before Alberta was a province.Tthe ranch owns this brand in four different positions on cattle, and both Alvin and David have it registered for horses. Since 2002 all of the registered angus cattle at the Robbins Ranch have this brand on their left rib.