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Schedule of Events

Location of all the events » Pincher Creek Ag. Grounds Arena


1:30 p.m. - Working Ranch Horse x »» Rules

5:00 p.m. - Supper

6:00 p.m. - Ranch Bronc Ridingxx

8:00 p.m. - Long Loop Competion


9:00 a.m. - Time Event Roping

1:00 p.m. - Ranch Rodeo

  • Hide Race (not for points but for draw order)
  • Announced teams & Singing of O'Canada
  • Calcuta
  • Team Branding x
  • 1st Section of Bronc Riding x
  • Load & Tie x
  • Sort& Rope Doctoring x
  • Wild Cow Milkingxx
  • Horse Race x
  • 2nd Section of Bronc Riding x

5:00 p.m. - Awards & Saddle Raffle













Sort & Rope Doctoring
8 Loops/ 6 minutes

  • Team will sort out two numbered cows from the herd.
  • Maximum 3 team members in the herd.
  • Cattle will be sorted though gate.
  • No cattle can be roped until both head are sorted through gate.
  • Two, 2-man teams will each rope one cow.  Armbands will designate teams.
  • No switching partners.
  • Teams will head and heel cattle.
  • Legal head catches only, neck, half head, or around horns. A front leg in loop is allowed.
  • Any illegal catches can be dallied and rope must be removed before cow can be re-roped. The cow must have a rope removed on ground by team, or it can be headed or heeled to remove rope. No tipping of cow will be allowed.
  • All loops will count in total loop count.
  • Any cow that has been roped to remove an illegal head catch must be standing and moving with all ropes removed, and all team members remounted before cow can be re-roped.
  • Header, heeler, or both from each team will dally and dismount to doctor the cow.
  • Cow must be laid down. A single heel catch must be switched.
  • Cow will be, marked in designated location by dismounted team member.
  • Time stops when both cows are doctored and all ropes removed. Header or heeler can dismount and help remove ropes.
  • Time will be a combined team total.
  • Limits of 8 loops (4 per two man team) and 6 minutes.
  • Penalties:
  • Every dirty cow through the gate 30 seconds
  • Any cow roped before both cows are sorted though the gate 30 seconds
  • Horses must stay ground tied after dismounting
  • Runaways will be penalized 30 seconds max per team
  • Penalties will be added to total time for the team
  • After designated cattle are through gate, arena crew will close the gate so cattle cannot get back in herd.