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Schedule of Events

Location of all the events » Pincher Creek Ag. Grounds Arena


1:30 p.m. - Working Ranch Horse x »» Rules

5:00 p.m. - Supper

6:00 p.m. - Ranch Bronc Ridingxx

8:00 p.m. - Long Loop Competion


9:00 a.m. - Time Event Roping

1:00 p.m. - Ranch Rodeo

  • Hide Race (not for points but for draw order)
  • Announced teams & Singing of O'Canada
  • Calcuta
  • Team Branding x
  • 1st Section of Bronc Riding x
  • Load & Tie x
  • Sort& Rope Doctoring x
  • Wild Cow Milkingxx
  • Horse Race x
  • 2nd Section of Bronc Riding x

5:00 p.m. - Awards & Saddle Raffle


Working Ranch Horse Competition

The Working Ranch Horse Competition shows the finesse of the horse and rider as a team, to carry out tasks such as roping and doctoring animals, cutting animals out of the herd. As well as a Cowboy Up type Challenge that tests the horse and rider on lead changes, spins, and trail obstacles. This event is held on Saturday. Teams will designate horse and rider to represent their team before the competition starts. This event will be open to the first 25 entries.

Horse and Rider will enter area to show their horsemanship and stock handling ability.

In the Roping, judges will want to see clean catches and how horse and rider handle their roped animal. Rider must dismount, touch roped animal and remount horse. This is when the clock stops.

In the Cowboy-Up Challenge judges will be watching for clean lead changes, ability of the horse to spin both directions, how well both horse and rider maneuver through the obstacles in a trail like event.

See Diagram & Points

Working Ranch Horse Rules

  • Working Ranch horse will be a team event.
  • Teams will designate horse and rider to represent their team in this event.
  • Judges/Rules pre event meeting
  • Any contestant that fails to make the meeting will be allowed to compete, but they are responsible for any rule questions or event information that they might have.
  • At no time after the start of the event will any contestant be allowed to ask questions about the event from the event judge.
  • Points from this event will count towards total team score.
  • No contestant will be allowed into the Cowboy-Up arena before they compete.
  • As stated in the Contestant Code of Conduct: roughing the cattle will not be allowed. Any violation will result in a disqualification for that event.
  • However you start riding, whether one hand or two, you must stay with it. No stipulation on gear except no tie-downs.
  • No roughing of cattle will be allowed. Any violation will result in disqualification, no exception.
  • Rope has to be secured to your saddle until cow work is done.
  •  To start enter area by opening and shutting gate off your horse. Start to the left of the area in a slow walk to first marker. Then into extended walk to second marker. Then into slow trot to third marker. Then extended trot to forth marker into a lope in right lead back to gate coming to a stop. Back up at least three steps, then role back to the right. Rider will proceed back around arena to the right in the same manner as they did to the left. After completing this horse and rider will proceed to middle of arena to heard their designated animal, which will be called out to rider by announcer. Rider will sort animal from heard as proficient and calm as possible. Rider will proceed to work animal turn 2 times to the right and two times to the left. Any scattering of heard will be loss of points in this event. Rider will now proceed in their Roping. Animal can be roped by any fashion. Animal has to be laid down before dismounting while holding dally with rope in hand and in control, Rider will dismount holding rope, run down touch animal and remount. Time will stop.